Infusion Room medical furniture


The infusion room is an independent department for intravenous treatment of outpatients, and sometimes there are clinics sharing the infusion room. There are many patients in the infusion room and the environment is noisy. The open treatment room space is easy to cause the pollution of particles, heat source and active microorganisms during the liquid distribution work. Therefore, the furniture arrangement in the infusion area is considered to be durable and heat-resistant. Smooth material to ensure clean and tidy. The infusion chamber is mainly divided into a muscle injection waiting area, an intramuscular injection chamber, an injection chamber, an infusion area, a dispensing room, a treatment room, and a dressing room; the observation area is partially independent. Among them, the waiting area is equipped with a sofa and a coffee table; the muscle injection chamber is equipped with a bed and a work table; the injection room is equipped with a console and a treatment vehicle; the infusion area is provided with an infusion seat; the auxiliary part is configured with a medicine cabinet, a dispensing table, a locker, etc.; The area is equipped with beds and lockers. It is advisable to use a reclining chair in the infusion area, and a cartoon pattern in some areas for children to infuse, reducing the tension of children's infusion. The surrounding wall installation screen, the waiting area is mainly warm, mostly using soft materials.