Gynecology medical furniture


Obstetrics and Gynecology includes gynaecology and obstetrics. Obstetrics and gynecology mainly includes the consultation room, examination room, waiting area and lounge. Among them, the office is equipped with an appliance table, a gynaecological examination bed, a diagnosis table, and a work chair; the examination room is equipped with a sink, a table, and a console; the waiting area is equipped with a sofa and a seat; and the rest is equipped with a bed, a work table, and a seat. Because obstetrics and gynecology patients are women, to some extent, due to diseases or other factors, it is easy to produce bad mental state. Therefore, in the design and layout of the furniture, the consideration of female patients' needs and aesthetic habits should be taken more seriously, and the protection of patient privacy should be paid more attention. The difference from a general office should be considered. The overall furniture configuration should be more warm, the color matching is more feminine, avoid the use of cool material furniture.