High-density medical storage racks that help improve material management efficiency

With the continuous advancement of medical technology, for many hospitals, strict cleanliness and hygiene standards are often the most important part of the hospital's upgrading and transformation. To meet the real cleanliness standards, the adoption of , Medical furniture that can achieve standardization and refined management is particularly important.
We know that in the daily overall operation process of a hospital, the medical process, nursing process, environmental cleaning and disinfection and other processes are often intertwined. To achieve effective, high-quality and unified management, the hospital must first Realize standardized and refined management conditions. For example, through some standardized and modularized medical storage furniture and equipment, the hospital's daily medicines, consumables, materials, etc. are operated on a professional logistics platform, and through the implementation of standardized process specifications, the material optimization application of operating scenarios can be achieved. In this way, while greatly saving the hospital's human efficiency and floor efficiency, it will further improve the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the hospital, improve the efficiency of material management, and effectively reduce errors.
Huashang high-density medical storage rack, a necessary material storage, logistics, and distribution management artifact for modern hospitals, can provide hospitals with a one-stop material management solution.
Huashang high-density medical management rack is made of high-strength aviation aluminum profiles, and is composed of medical storage baskets made of ABS, stainless steel plates, and disinfection nets. It is convenient not only for hospital disinfection supply centers (CSSD), operating rooms, and department warehouses. It is also suitable for scenarios where items need to be stored; it is also suitable for laboratories in universities or scientific research institutions.
High-density medical storage racks have two product types: fixed modules and mobile modules. The single-layer load-bearing capacity of each module is more than 25KG, which can easily meet the normal material storage needs. Customized design and configuration according to the needs of the hospital, choose single-row single-column or multi-row multi-column specifications, for the hospital scene with relatively limited space but a lot of storage items, this personalized product combination will be able to play a role in The effect of optimizing space management and improving space utilization efficiency.
This storage rack can use medical baskets, stainless steel laminates or stainless steel disinfection nets as storage carriers, and is suitable for storing various sterile items, consumables, medicines, hard containers, etc. As a widely used one, it is a standardized and modular medical basket.
The medical basket adopts the 600mmx400mm size in line with the ISO3394 international standard, and has three heights of 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm, which can meet the storage needs of materials of different specifications and categories. It can maximize the overall space utilization, effectively stack, and save storage space. Eliminate the characteristics of space waste; the medical basket can be combined with the basket spacer to freely combine the space in the basket, and can place labels that are easy to install and move at any position to facilitate the identification and management of materials , so that the material distinction is clear at a glance, clear and orderly.
In addition, the medical basket made of ABS has passed the national standard of surface antibacterial test. General hospital cleaners and disinfectants can be used without chemical reaction, which meets the requirements of hospital feeling; the design of streamlined and hollow structure is conducive to cleaning and ventilation Do not hide dust. The top edge of the basket is arranged with limited position blocks, which can be used for accidental anti-skid and inclined anti-skid effects. The principle of gravity can be used to realize the first-in-first-out of stored materials and ensure the validity period.
Just like the role of containers in international trade, the modularized medical basket is very important in the logistics solution in the hospital. It runs through the hospital's drug and consumable logistics operation scenarios, and optimizes the application of materials, which is derived from refinement. Item management racks/management cabinets, medical workbenches, medical cart hardware and other equipment can establish a standardized storage, transportation and distribution system. This is no longer a simple storage carrier, but a workflow system that can multiply work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, avoid errors to the greatest extent possible, and improve patient safety.