How to use the medical basket to realize the refined management of the large infusion cabinet

Large-volume injection is an important treatment method for drug infusion from blood vessels, which plays a very important role in rescuing patients and treating diseases. Since its invention and application in 1832, it has a history of more than 160 years. From the initial sodium chloride injection, it has developed into fluid balance infusion, nutritional infusion, artificial dialysis replacement protection solution (also called organ protection solution), There are more than 200 varieties in five categories, including blood volume expansion infusion and therapeutic infusion. In recent years, due to the improvement of domestic medical and health level, the use structure of large infusion has changed, not only the usage has increased, but also the types of dosage forms in each department have increased year by year, which has made the hospital for the management of infusion bottles/infusion bags. Medical furniture (large infusion cabinets, infusion transfer vehicles, etc.) have new requirements.
As a large infusion cabinet specially used to manage large-volume injections in the hospital, in order to meet the 6S management requirements of hospitals and departments, it is necessary to do:
  1. Meet the needs of medical staff;
  2. Ergonomic;
  3. Meet the needs of humanistic space in the hospital;
  4. Comply with the green environmental protection policy;

 Mobile liquid cabinet

So how does the large infusion cabinet using the medical pull basket achieve the above points? As the core unit of the refined management of large infusion cabinets, the modular medical basket has the following characteristics:
 1. Modular: The medical basket adopts the international ISO3394 standard, the unit size is L600mm*W400mm, and the height and color are various. The standard external dimensions enable the medical basket unit to be exchanged between large infusion cabinets and infusion transfer vehicles, reducing the sorting action of medical staff, and at the same time achieving color management and matching of humanistic spaces suitable for hospitals.
2. Flexibility: The separator can freely separate the internal space of the medical pull basket to create a flexible storage space. Fixed classification of infusion bottles with different shapes of soft bags, plastic bottles and glass bottles, and can also be divided into different types of dosage forms to facilitate the storage, access and replenishment of large-capacity injections.
 3. Safety: The load-bearing capacity is reflected in the fact that a single medical pull basket can store 25KG infusion agent without visible deformation, which meets the storage load-bearing requirements; there is a limit structure between the medical pull basket and the infusion cabinet, which has the function of anti-dropping.
 4. Hygiene: The main material of the medical basket is ABS primary granules, and antibacterial materials are added, which does not react with the commonly used disinfectants in the hospital, which meets the requirements of hospital feeling.
 5. Adaptability: The medical basket can be adapted to other refined material management series, and the whole basket can be used for material management and use.

Raytarget infusion cabinet
The large infusion cabinet is equipped with refined management equipment centered on the medical pull basket, which has the following benefits:
1. Storage efficiency: The internal separation and drawable characteristics of the medical basket greatly increase the storage efficiency of the medical basket for managing large-capacity injections.
2. Beneficial for hospital sense control: The materials are environmentally friendly and hygienic, which is beneficial to the hospital sense control.
3. Work efficiency: The whole basket of large-capacity injections is sorted and packaged in a refined management, which achieves the effect of partition, classification and positioning, which greatly reduces the work intensity of nursing staff to find materials, improves work efficiency, and has more time spent on patient care.
In the daily operation of the hospital, the modularized and refined management infusion cabinet helps medical staff to establish a lean material management system to meet the requirements of hospital equipment configuration, reduce the work intensity of nursing staff, and focus more on patients' care. to improve patient safety.